Even in 2020, 100 euros to Culture!

Originally published on this site here, in Italian.

Even for 2020, as for 2019 and 2018, Ipogeo dell’Arte has decided to greet the new year donating a total of 100 euros to a maximum of three artistic or cultural projects. Culture belongs to everyone, but if we want it to remain like this, we must all support it.

For this reason, users are invited to report cultural or artistic projects and organizations that accept donations.

And as for the past few years, the same rules apply:

  • The 100 euros mentioned above will be divided between a maximum of three projects;
  • If one of the projects indicated by you is chosen, I will also let the organizer know who should be thanked for the report, obviously with their permission;
  • Reports must be made no later than January 31st;
  • You can report the projects here in the comments, under the posts on the social media or via e-mail (the address is: ipogeodellarte@gmail.com);
  • Just one restriction: please do not report projects by yourself or your relatives.

For the rest, indulge yourself as you wish: there is basically no limit, except the unquestionable judgement of this blogger.

That said, a peaceful and happy 2020 to you all!

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