Love is Love, Love is Freedom

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Today ends the Pride Month 2019, an entire month dedicated to the pride that LGBT+ people put in being themselves, to the protagonists of a revolution so kind that it made victims only among its promoters, to the incentive to the rest of society to respect their neighbor, to make people understand that the best part of society, the part that understood the importance of real equality between people, does not surrender and, instead, points out its existence.

So, I decided to link a series of articles about the representation of LGBT+ people in Cinema and TV. Many of them are about the Italian approach to the question since the establishment of the Republic, while others are about China, India and the USA.

They are quite varied, and I personally think that they could be a good first step for those who never interested in these themes as for those who, maybe having them just absent-mindedly coasted, think it’s time to land and deepen a bit.

In particular, there’s an LGBT+ themed movie list, and if I should suggest a way to continue in what we saw and listened this month, to keep learning, one of the possible choices would surely be to watch a good movie. Because Cinema is fiction, of course, but even education, and as there’s a conscience behind the camera, so there’s one in front of the screen.

I present therefore this short list as a modest tribute to those who fight everyday for the right of everyone, who makes us all more free every day just thanks to the kind revolution which gived blood to declare and clarify that Love is Love, and Love is Freedom. – LGBT+ themed film lists – Omosessualità nel cinema: il documentario di Gaystatale. April 8th, 2016 – Il primo film di Bollywood su un amore gay. February 3rd, 2019 – L’omosessualità nel cinema: esempi notevoli. By Giacomo Turci, June 16th, 2017 – Cinema gay? No grazie. Così la Cina respinge il film di Guadagnino. April 3rd, 2019 – Il problema del cinema italiano con l’omosessualità. By Virginia W. Ricci, February 21st, 2017 – Storia del bacio gay e lesbo nel cinema. By Stefania Pizzetta – Storia del bacio gay e lesbo nel cinema: dagli anni ’30 ad oggi. By Stefania Pizzetta – Gay al cinema, le macchiette della commedia: un doc racconta vent’anni di stereotipi. By Pasquale Quaranta, June 11th, 2017 – January 28th, 2019. – I 5 personaggi LGBT più iconici delle serie tv. By Davide Giorgi and Matteo Giorgi – Benvenuti a ‘sti frocioni: la questione dell’omosessualità nel cinema italiano di genere. By Francesco Foschini, June 13th, 2017

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    • Ho appena letto.
      Non la conoscevo, ma ora che ho letto posso dire in tutta franchezza che avrei volentieri rinunciato al piacere di conoscerla.
      Ormai nelle stanze dei bottoni c’è della gente pronta a tutto pur di racimolare qualche centesimo o una poltrona in Consiglio Comunale… E’ anche per questo che il Paese va male, secondo me.
      Ma intanto a Milano erano in 300mila, e certo quella porcheria che ha detto non li ha fermati oggi e non li fermerà domani.


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